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[hey-mey-ker] /ˈheɪˌmeɪ kər/

a person or machine that cuts hay and spreads it to dry.
Slang. a punch delivered with great force, especially one that results in a knockout.
a person who helps to cut, turn, toss, spread, or carry hay
Also called hay conditioner. either of two machines, one designed to crush stems of hay, the other to break and bend them, in order to cause more rapid and even drying
(boxing, slang) a wild swinging punch

mid-15c. as the name of an agricultural occupation (hay-making is attested from c.1400); 1910 in the sense of “very strong blow with the fist,” from hay + agent noun of make; the punch probably so called for resemblance to the wide swinging stroke of a scythe. Haymaker punch attested from 1907.


[1912+; probably fr the wide swinging stroke of a scythe in cutting hay]


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