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Usually, hazard lights. an indicator light on a vehicle that flashes to warn that it is unexpectedly slowing down, reversing, or not moving.


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  • Hazardous

    [haz-er-duh s] /ˈhæz ər dəs/ adjective 1. full of risk; perilous; risky: a hazardous journey. 2. dependent on chance. /ˈhæzədəs/ adjective 1. involving great risk 2. depending on chance adj. 1580s, “venturesome;” 1610s, “perilous,” from hazard (n.) + -ous or from Middle French hasardeux (16c.).

  • Hazardous-waste

    noun 1. any industrial by-product, especially from the manufacture of chemicals, that is destructive to the environment or dangerous to the health of people or animals: Hazardous wastes often contaminate ground water. hazardous waste (hāz’ər-dəs) A used or discarded material that can damage the environment and be harmful to health. Hazardous wastes include heavy metals […]

  • Hazard warning device

    noun 1. an appliance fitted to a motor vehicle that operates the hazard lights

  • Hazar-enan

    village of fountains, a place on the north-east frontier of Palestine (Num. 34:9, 10). Some have identified it with Ayan ed-Dara in the heart of the central chain of Anti-Libanus. More probably, however, it has been identified with Kuryetein, about 60 miles east-north-east of Damascus. (Comp. Ezek. 47:17; 48:1.)

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