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a town in NE Illinois.


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  • Hazelhen

    /ˈheɪzəlˌhɛn/ noun 1. a European woodland gallinaceous bird, Tetrastes bonasia, with a speckled brown plumage and slightly crested crown: family Tetraonidae (grouse)

  • Hazel-grouse

    noun 1. a European woodland grouse, Tetrastes bonasia, somewhat resembling the North American ruffed grouse.

  • Hazelnut

    [hey-zuh l-nuht] /ˈheɪ zəlˌnʌt/ noun 1. the nut of the hazel; filbert. /ˈheɪzəlˌnʌt/ noun 1. the nut of a hazel shrub, having a smooth shiny hard shell Also called filbert, (Brit) cobnut, (Brit) cob n. Old English hæselhnutu; see hazel + nut. Cf. Dutch hazelnoot, Old High German hasalnuz, German hasselnusz.

  • Hazelnut oil

    noun 1. an oil extracted from hazelnuts and used mostly in cooking

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