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Head collar

the part of a bridle that fits round a horse’s head Also called (esp US) headstall


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  • Head cook and bottle washer

    noun phrase The person in charge; honcho (1830s+) Related Terms chief cook and bottle washer

  • Head-count

    noun 1. an inventory of people in a group taken by counting individuals. 2. any count of support, strength, etc.: a head count of senators opposing the bill.

  • Head-dip

    noun 1. a maneuver in which a surfer, by squatting and leaning forward on the surfboard, partially dips his or her head into the wall of a wave.

  • Head disk assembly

    hardware, storage (HDA) A sealed, high capacity mainframe hard disk with integral heads, as opposed to a removable disk. (1999-01-13)

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