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[hed-dres] /ˈhɛdˌdrɛs/

a covering or decoration for the :
a tribal headdress of feathers.
a style or manner of arranging the hair.
any head covering, esp an ornate one or one denoting a rank or occupation

1703, from head (n.) + dress (n.).

Not in common use among the Hebrews. It is first mentioned in Ex. 28:40 (A.V., “bonnets;” R.V., “head-tires”). It was used especially for purposes of ornament (Job 29:14; Isa. 3:23; 62:3). The Hebrew word here used, _tsaniph_, properly means a turban, folds of linen wound round the head. The Hebrew word _peer_, used in Isa. 61:3, there rendered “beauty” (A.V.) and “garland” (R.V.), is a head-dress or turban worn by females (Isa. 3: 20, “bonnets”), priests (Ex. 39:28), a bridegroom (Isa. 61:10, “ornament;” R.V., “garland”). Ezek. 16:10 and Jonah 2:5 are to be understood of the turban wrapped round the head. The Hebrew _shebisim_ (Isa. 3:18), in the Authorized Version rendered “cauls,” and marg. “networks,” denotes probably a kind of netted head-dress. The “horn” (Heb. keren) mentioned in 1 Sam. 2:1 is the head-dress called by the Druses of Mount Lebanon the tantura.


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