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Head for

verb (preposition)
to go or cause to go (towards)
to be destined for: to head for trouble

verb phrase

To start out for or toward; hit for: I headed for the door/ He’s headed for a disappointment

[1835+; fr the pointing of a ship’s bow or head toward a destination]
Proceed or go in a certain direction, as in I’m heading for town, or I believe Karen and Jane are heading for a big quarrel. This expression, which uses head in the sense of “advance toward,” is occasionally amplified with a figurative destination, especially in the American West. For example, head for the hills means “to run away to high and safer ground” or “to flee from danger.” It is often used facetiously, as in Here comes that old bore—head for the hills!Head for the setting sun alludes to where a wanted man or outlaw went when a law-enforcement agent was close behind him, that is, farther west, and head for the last roundup means “to die.” [ Early 1800s ]


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