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backwards beyond the original source: a river erodes headwards


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  • Headwaters

    [hed-waw-terz, -wot-erz] /ˈhɛdˌwɔ tərz, -ˌwɒt ərz/ plural noun 1. Sometimes, headwater. the upper tributaries of a river. /ˈhɛdˌwɔːtəz/ plural noun 1. the tributary streams of a river in the area in which it rises; headstreams n. 1530s; see head (n.) + water (n.).

  • Headway

    [hed-wey] /ˈhɛdˌweɪ/ noun 1. forward movement; progress in a forward direction: The ship’s headway was slowed by the storm. 2. progress in general: headway in a career. 3. rate of progress: a slight headway against concerted opposition. 4. the time interval or distance between two vehicles, as automobiles, ships, or railroad or subway cars, traveling […]

  • Headwear

    [hed-wair] /ˈhɛdˌwɛər/ noun 1. coverings for the head, especially hats.

  • Headwind

    [hed-wind] /ˈhɛdˌwɪnd/ noun 1. a opposed to the course of a moving object, especially an aircraft or other vehicle (opposed to ). /ˈhɛdˌwɪnd/ noun 1. a wind blowing directly against the course of an aircraft or ship Compare tailwind headwind or head wind (hěd’wĭnd’) A wind blowing directly against the course of a moving object, […]

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