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[hel-thee] /ˈhɛl θi/

adjective, healthier, healthiest.
possessing or enjoying good or a sound and vigorous mentality:
a healthy body; a healthy mind.
pertaining to or characteristic of good , or a sound and vigorous mind:
a healthy appearance; healthy attitudes.
conducive to good ; healthful:
healthy recreations.
prosperous or sound:
a healthy business.
Informal. fairly large:
I bought a healthy number of books.
adjective healthier, healthiest
enjoying good health
functioning well or being sound: the company’s finances are not very healthy
conducive to health; salutary
indicating soundness of body or mind: a healthy appetite
(informal) considerable in size or amount: a healthy sum

1550s, from health + -y (2). Slightly earlier in the same sense was healthsome (1530s). Related: Healthiness.

It is wrong to say that certain articles of food are healthy or unhealthy. Wholesome and unwholesome are the right words. A pig may be healthy or unhealthy while alive; but after he is killed and becomes pork, he can enjoy no health, and suffer no sickness. [Eliza Leslie, “Miss Leslie’s Behaviour Book,” Philadelphia, 1839]

healthy health·y (hěl’thē)
adj. health·i·er, health·i·est

health’i·ly adv.
health’i·ness n.


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