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Hear from

Receive a letter, call, or other communication from someone, as in I haven’t heard from my daughter in two weeks. [ Early 1300s ]
Be reprimanded by, as in If you don’t get home on time, you’ll be hearing from your father. [ Late 1800s ]


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    [heer-ing] /ˈhɪər ɪŋ/ noun 1. the faculty or sense by which sound is perceived. 2. the act of perceiving sound. 3. opportunity to be : to grant a hearing. 4. an instance or a session in which testimony and arguments are presented, especially before an official, as a judge in a lawsuit. 5. a preliminary […]

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    [heer-ing-eer] /ˈhɪər ɪŋˌɪər/ noun 1. a dog that has been trained to alert a hearing-impaired person to sounds, as a telephone ringing or dangerous noises.

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    [heer-ing-im-paird] /ˈhɪər ɪŋ ɪmˌpɛərd/ adjective 1. having reduced or deficient hearing ability; hard-of-hearing: special programs for hearing-impaired persons. noun 2. (used with a plural verb) hearing-impaired persons collectively (usually preceded by the). hearing-impaired adj. n. Persons who are deficient in hearing or are deaf.

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