[hahrt-sawr, -sohr] /ˈhɑrtˌsɔr, -ˌsoʊr/


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  • Heart stands still

    see: heart misses a beat

  • Heart starter

    noun 1. (Austral, slang) the first drink of the day

  • Heartstopper

    [hahrt-stop-er] /ˈhɑrtˌstɒp ər/ noun 1. something so frightening or emotionally gripping as to make one’s seem to stop beating: We didn’t crash, but it was a heartstopper.

  • Heartstrings

    [hahrt-stringz] /ˈhɑrtˌstrɪŋz/ plural noun 1. the deepest feelings; the strongest affections: to tug at one’s heartstrings. /ˈhɑːtˌstrɪŋz/ plural noun 1. (often facetious) deep emotions or feelings n. late 15c., originally literal, in old anatomy theory “the tendons and nerves that brace the heart;” from heart + string (n.). Transferred and figurative sense from 1590s.

  • Heartthrob

    [hahrt-throb] /ˈhɑrtˌθrɒb/ noun 1. a rapid beat or pulsation of the . 2. a passionate or sentimental emotion. 3. . noun One’s deeply beloved: Who’s your heartthrob this week? (1920s+)

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