[hee-thee] /ˈhi θi/

adjective, heathier, heathiest.

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  • Heath robinson

    /ˈrɒbɪnsən/ adjective 1. (of a mechanical device) absurdly complicated in design and having a simple function

  • Heath wren

    noun 1. either of two ground-nesting warblers of southern Australia, Hylacola pyrrhopygia or H. cauta, noted for their song and their powers of mimicry

  • Heat-index

    noun 1. a number representing the effect of temperature and humidity on humans by combining the two variables into an “apparent” temperature, introduced as a replacement for the temperature-humidity index: a temperature of 90° and relative humidity of 65 percent combine to produce a heat index of 102. Abbreviation: H.I. heat index A measurement of […]

  • Heating element

    noun 1. a coil or other arrangement of wire in which heat is produced by an electric current

  • Heat-labile

    heat-labile adj. Destroyed or altered by heat.

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