Heavy earth

another name for barium oxide

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  • Heavy eye

    heavy eye n. The eye that is affected in severe uniocular myopia.

  • Heavy-foot

    noun A habitually fast driver; speeder (1940s+ Police)

  • Heavy-footed

    [hev-ee-foo t-id] /ˈhɛv iˈfʊt ɪd/ adjective 1. clumsy or ponderous, as in movement or expressiveness: music that is heavy-footed and uninspired. adjective 1. having a heavy or clumsy tread

  • Heavy-handed

    [hev-ee-han-did] /ˈhɛv iˈhæn dɪd/ adjective 1. oppressive; harsh: a heavy-handed master. 2. clumsy; graceless: a heavy-handed treatment of the theme. adjective 1. clumsy 2. harsh and oppressive adj. also heavyhanded, 1630s, originally “weary” or “clumsy;” from heavy (adj.) + handed. Sense of “overbearing” is first recorded 1883.

  • Heavy-hearted

    [hev-ee-hahr-tid] /ˈhɛv iˈhɑr tɪd/ adjective 1. sorrowful; melancholy; dejected. adjective 1. sad; melancholy

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