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a baseball player who makes many extra-base hits.
a very important or influential person:
the secretary of state and other heavy hitters.
(informal) another term for big hitter (sense 2)

See big hitter

noun phrase

A person of achievement; an expert; major leaguer: There was no one-upmanship dealing with a heavy hitter like Cifelli/ Hitler was a heavy-hitter if there ever was one/ I knew immediately that Annette Bening was a long-ball hitter, emotionally, intellectually and artistically

[1980s+; fr a baseball term, ”player who hits the ball hard,” found by 1883; long-ball variant found in baseball by 1950s]
An important or influential individual or organization. For example, This publishing house is one of the heavy hitters in the textbook industry. This expression originated in sports such as boxing, where it literally meant “hitting hard,” and was transferred to other enterprises in the mid-1900s.


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