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Heavy lifter

noun phrase

The one who does the heavy lifting: The NRA is the heavy lifter (1990s+)


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  • Heavy leather

    modifier : A psychopathic killer cruises heavy-leather homosexual bars noun phrase Leather clothing and various metal accoutrements as or in imitation of motorcycle gangs, esp by extravagantly masculine homosexuals: He’s gone beyond butch, won’t wear anything but heavy leather these days (1970s+)

  • Heavy-laden

    [hev-ee-leyd-n] /ˈhɛv iˈleɪd n/ adjective 1. carrying a heavy load; heavily laden: a heavy-laden cart. 2. very tired or troubled; burdened: heavy-laden with care.

  • Heavy-ion treatment

    heavy-ion treatment n. A cancer treatment method in which cancer cells are bombarded with the positively-charged nuclei of ions of carbon, neon, and other elements in order to kill the cells.

  • Hedge-hyssop

    noun 1. any plant of the genus Gratiola, a bitter herb used medicinally. noun 1. any of several North American scrophulariaceous plants of the genus Gratiola, esp G. aurea, having small yellow or white flowers

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