Heavy scene


A serious or difficult state of affairs, often emotional: heavy scene after the funeral

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  • Heavy-spar

    noun, Mineralogy. 1. . noun 1. another name for barytes

  • Heavy sugar

    noun phrase A possession or condition indicating wealth: Six Mercedeses is heavy sugar (1926+) Related Terms heavy money

  • Heavy up

    verb phrase To become obtrusively friendly: After he won, people at the gym started to heavy up with him, so Mike began working out in a garage (1990s+)

  • Heavy-water reactor

    noun 1. a nuclear reactor that uses heavy water as moderator

  • Heavyweight

    [hev-ee-weyt] /ˈhɛv iˌweɪt/ adjective 1. in . 2. of more than average or thickness: a coat of heavyweight material. 3. noting or pertaining to a boxer, wrestler, etc., of the competitive class, especially a professional boxer weighing more than 175 pounds (79.4 kg). 4. of or relating to the class or division of such boxers: […]

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