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[hej-hog, -hawg] /ˈhɛdʒˌhɒg, -ˌhɔg/

an Old World, insect-eating mammal of the genus Erinaceus, especially E. europaeus, having spiny hairs on the back and sides.
the porcupine.

any small nocturnal Old World mammal of the genus Erinaceus, such as E. europaeus, and related genera, having a protective covering of spines on the back: family Erinaceidae, order Insectivora (insectivores) related adjective erinaceous
any other insectivore of the family Erinaceidae, such as the moon rat
(US) any of various other spiny animals, esp the porcupine

mid-15c. (replacing Old English igl), from hedge (n.) + hog (n.); the second element a reference to its pig-like snout.


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