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[hahytth] /haɪtθ/

a nonstandard spelling of .

see height.


Read Also:

  • Heightism

    [hahy-tiz-uh m] /ˈhaɪ tɪz əm/ noun 1. discrimination or prejudice based on a person’s stature, especially discrimination against short people.

  • Height of contour

    height of contour n. The line encircling a tooth or other structure at its greatest bulge or diameter with respect to a selected path of insertion.

  • Height of land

    noun 1. (US & Canadian) a watershed

  • Height-to-paper

    [hahyt-tuh-pey-per] /ˈhaɪt təˈpeɪ pər/ noun, Printing. 1. the standard height of type, measured from the foot to the face, in the U.S. 0.918 of an inch (2.33 cm). noun 1. the overall height of printing plates and type, standardized as 0.9175 inch (Brit) and 0.9186 inch (US)

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