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wordly. (1.) 1 Chr. 27:15; called also Heleb (2 Sam. 23:29); one of David’s captains. (2.) Zech. 6:10, one who returned from Babylon.


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  • Heldentenor

    [hel-dn-ten-er; German hel-dn-tey-nohr] /ˈhɛl dnˌtɛn ər; German ˈhɛl dn teɪˌnoʊr/ noun, plural heldentenors German, heldentenore [hel-dn-tey-noh-ruh] /ˈhɛl dn teɪˌnoʊ rə/ (Show IPA) 1. a tenor having a brilliant, powerful voice suited to singing heroic roles, as in Wagnerian opera. /ˈhɛldəntenoːr/ noun (pl) -tenöre (-teˈnøːrə) 1. a tenor with a powerful voice suited to singing heroic […]

  • Heleb

    fatness, one of David’s warriors (2 Sam. 23:29).

  • Heled

    this world, (1 Chr. 11:30); called Heleb (2 Sam. 23:29).

  • Hele in

    verb 1. (transitive, adverb) a dialect variant of heel in

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