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[hel-uh-stop, hee-luh-] /ˈhɛl əˌstɒp, ˈhi lə-/

a heliport.


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  • Helium flash

    noun 1. (astronomy) the explosive burning of helium in the case of a star of low mass that occurs when the core is so dense that the matter has become degenerate. The burning causes a rapid rise in temperature until it is so high that the gas ceases to be degenerate, after which there is […]

  • Helium hands

    noun phrase A student who frequently volunteers in class: There’s a nickname for people like that, ”helium hands,” their hands are always in the air (1990s+)

  • Helena

    [hel-uh-nuh; for 3 also huh-lee-nuh] /ˈhɛl ə nə; for 3 also həˈli nə/ noun 1. Saint, c247–c330, mother of Constantine I. 2. a city in and the capital of Montana, in the W part. 3. a female given name, form of . [mon-tan-uh] /mɒnˈtæn ə/ noun 1. Joseph, Jr (“Joe”) born 1956, U.S. football player. […]

  • Helen

    [hel-uh n] /ˈhɛl ən/ noun 1. Also called Helen of Troy. Classical Mythology. the beautiful daughter of Zeus and Leda and wife of Menelaus whose abduction by Paris was the cause of the Trojan War. 2. a female given name. /ˈhɛlɪn/ noun 1. (Greek myth) the beautiful daughter of Zeus and Leda, whose abduction by […]

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