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[help-fuh l] /ˈhɛlp fəl/

giving or rendering aid or assistance; of service:
Your comments were very helpful.
serving a useful function; giving help

late 14c., from help (n.) + -ful. Related: Helpfully; helpfulness.


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  • Helping

    [hel-ping] /ˈhɛl pɪŋ/ noun 1. the act of a person or thing that . 2. a portion of food served to a person at one time: That’s his third helping of ice cream. adjective 3. giving aid, assistance, support, or the like. [help] /hɛlp/ verb (used with object) 1. to give or provide what is […]

  • Helping-hand

    noun 1. aid; assistance: to give the destitute a helping hand. noun 1. assistance: many people lent a helping hand in making arrangements for the party see under lend a hand

  • Helping-verb

    noun 1. . noun an informal term for an auxiliary verb, which combines with a main verb to help it express tense, mood, and voice Examples Common helping verbs are be, do, have, can, may, will, shall.

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    [help-lis] /ˈhɛlp lɪs/ adjective 1. unable to oneself; weak or dependent: a helpless invalid. 2. deprived of strength or power; powerless; incapacitated: They were helpless with laughter. 3. affording no . /ˈhɛlplɪs/ adjective 1. unable to manage independently 2. made powerless or weak: they were helpless from so much giggling 3. without help adj. “unable […]

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