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[hel-vee-shuh s; French el-vey-syys] /hɛlˈvi ʃəs; French ɛl veɪˈsyüs/

Claude Adrien
[klawd ey-dree-uh n;; French klohd a-dree-ahn] /klɔd ˈeɪ dri ən;; French kloʊd a driˈɑ̃/ (Show IPA), 1715–71, French philosopher.
/hɛlˈviːʃɪəs; French ɛlvesjys/
Claude Adrien (klod adriɛ̃). 1715–71, French philosopher. In his chief work De l’Esprit (1758), he asserted that the mainspring of human action is self-interest and that differences in human intellects are due only to differences in education


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