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Hemagglutination inhibition test

hemagglutination inhibition test n.
A test to determine the amount of a specific antigen in a blood serum sample. Also called HI test.


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  • Hemagglutinin

    hemagglutinin he·mag·glu·ti·nin (hē’mə-glōōt’n-ĭn) n. A substance that causes agglutination of red blood cells.

  • Hemagogue

    hemagogue he·ma·gogue (hē’mə-gôg’) n. he’ma·gog’ic (-gŏj’ĭk) adj.

  • Hemal

    [hee-muh l] /ˈhi məl/ adjective 1. Also, hematal. of or relating to the blood or blood vessels. 2. Zoology. noting, pertaining to, or on the side of the body ventral to the spinal axis, containing the heart and principal blood vessels. hemal he·mal (hē’məl) adj.

  • Hemal arch

    hemal arch n. Any of three or four V-shaped bones located ventral to the bodies of the third to sixth coccygeal vertebrae and usually enclosing the ventral caudal artery and vein.

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