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[hi-mat-uh-blast, hee-muh-tuh-, hem-uh-] /hɪˈmæt əˌblæst, ˈhi mə tə-, ˈhɛm ə-/

an immature blood cell, especially a red blood cell.

hematoblast he·ma·to·blast (hē’mə-tə-blāst’, hĭ-māt’ə-)
An immature undifferentiated blood cell.
he’ma·to·blas’tic adj.


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  • Hematocele

    [hi-mat-uh-seel, hee-muh-tuh-, hem-uh-] /hɪˈmæt əˌsil, ˈhi mə tə-, ˈhɛm ə-/ noun, Pathology. 1. hemorrhage into a cavity, as the cavity surrounding the testis. 2. such a cavity. hematocele he·ma·to·cele (hē’mə-tə-sēl’, hĭ-māt’ə-) n.

  • Hematocephaly

    hematocephaly he·ma·to·ceph·a·ly (hē’mə-tō-sěf’ə-lē, hĭ-māt’ə-) n. An effusion of blood within the brain.

  • Hematochezia

    [hi-mat-oh-kee-zee-uh, hee-muh-toh-, hem-uh-] /hɪˌmæt oʊˈki zi ə, ˈhi mə toʊ-, ˌhɛm ə-/ noun, Pathology. 1. the passage of bloody stools. hematochezia he·ma·to·che·zi·a (hē’mə-tō-kē’zē-ə, hĭ-māt’ə-) n. The passage of bloody stools.

  • Hematochyluria

    hematochyluria he·ma·to·chy·lu·ri·a (hē’mə-tō-kī-lur’ē-ə, -lyur’-, hĭ-māt’ō-) n. The presence of blood and chyle in the urine.

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