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[hee-muh-toj-uh-nuh s, hem-uh-] /ˌhi məˈtɒdʒ ə nəs, ˌhɛm ə-/

originating in the .
producing blood or components of blood.
distributed or spread by way of the bloodstream, as in metastases of tumors or in infections; blood-borne.

hematogenous he·ma·tog·e·nous (hē’mə-tŏj’ə-nəs)


Read Also:

  • Hematogenous jaundice

    hematogenous jaundice n. See hemolytic jaundice.

  • Hematohiston

    hematohiston he·ma·to·his·ton (hē’mə-tō-hĭs’tŏn’, hĭ-māt’ə-) n. See globin.

  • Hematoid

    [hee-muh-toid, hem-uh-] /ˈhi məˌtɔɪd, ˈhɛm ə-/ adjective 1. . hematoid he·ma·toid (hē’mə-toid’, hěm’ə-) adj. Resembling blood.

  • Hematoidin

    hematoidin he·ma·toi·din (hē’mə-toid’n) n. A ironless pigment derived from hemoglobin and formed within tissues, chemically similar to bilirubin.

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