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hematoporphyrin he·ma·to·por·phy·rin (hē’mə-tō-pôr’fə-rĭn, hĭ-māt’ə-)
A porphyrin that does not contain iron and is formed when heme or hemoglobin is decomposed by an acid. Also called hemoporphyrin.


Read Also:

  • Hematopsia

    hematopsia he·ma·top·si·a (hē’mə-tŏp’sē-ə, hěm’ə-) n. Hemorrhage into the eye.

  • Hematorrhachis

    hematorrhachis he·ma·tor·rha·chis (hē’mə-tôr’ə-kĭs) n. A spinal hemorrhage. Also called hemorrhachis.

  • Hematorrhachis externa

    hematorrhachis externa hematorrhachis ex·ter·na (ĭk-stûr’nə) n. Hemorrhage into the spinal canal external to the spinal cord, either within or outside the dura.

  • Hematorrhachis interna

    hematorrhachis interna hematorrhachis in·ter·na (ĭn-tûr’nə) n. See hematomyelia.

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