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[hem-ee] /ˈhɛm i/

noun, Automotive.
an internal-combustion engine having hemispherical combustion chambers.
a combining form meaning “half,” used in the formation of compound words:
half: hemicycle, hemisphere Compare demi- (sense 1), semi- (sense 1)

word-forming element meaning “half,” from Greek hemi- “half,” from PIE root *semi-, which is the source of Sanskrit sami, Latin semi- (see semi-), Old High German sami- “half,” and Old English sam-, denoting a partial or imperfect condition (see sandblind).

hemi- pref.
Half: hemicardia.
A prefix meaning “half,” as in hemisphere, half a sphere.


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  • Hemiacetal

    [hem-ee-as-i-tal] /ˌhɛm iˈæs ɪˌtæl/ noun 1. any of the class of organic chemical compounds having the general formula RCH(OH)OR, where R is an organic group. hemiacetal hem·i·ac·e·tal (hěm’ē-ās’ĭ-tāl’) n. Any of a class of compounds containing an alkyl group, especially when formed as intermediates during the preparation of acetals from aldehydes or ketones.

  • Hemialgia

    [hem-ee-al-jee-uh, -juh] /ˌhɛm iˈæl dʒi ə, -dʒə/ noun, Pathology. 1. pain or neuralgia involving only one side of the body or head. /ˌhɛmɪˈældʒɪə/ noun 1. pain limited to one side of the body hemialgia hem·i·al·gi·a (hěm’ē-āl’jē-ə, -jə) n. Pain affecting one half of the body.

  • Hemianalgesia

    hemianalgesia hem·i·an·al·ge·si·a (hěm’ē-ān’əl-jē’zē-ə, -zhə) n. Loss of sensibility to pain on one side of the body.

  • Hemianopia

    [hem-ee-uh-nop-see-uh] /ˌhɛm i əˈnɒp si ə/ noun, Ophthalmology. 1. any of several conditions in which there is blindness in half of the visual field, involving one or both eyes. /ˌhɛmɪænˈəʊpɪə/ noun 1. loss of vision in either the whole left or the whole right half of the field of vision Also called hemianopsia (ˌhɛmɪænˈɒpsɪə) hemianopsia […]

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