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hemicardia hem·i·car·di·a (hěm’ĭ-kär’dē-ə)


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  • Hemicellulose

    [hem-i-sel-yuh-lohs] /ˌhɛm ɪˈsɛl yəˌloʊs/ noun 1. any of a group of gummy polysaccharides, intermediate in complexity between sugar and , that hydrolyze to monosaccharides more readily than . /ˌhɛmɪˈsɛljʊˌləʊz/ noun 1. any of a group of plant polysaccharides that occur chiefly in the cell wall hemicellulose hem·i·cel·lu·lose (hěm’ĭ-sěl’yə-lōs’, -lōz’) n. Any of several polysaccharides that […]

  • Hemicentrum

    hemicentrum hem·i·cen·trum (hěm’ĭ-sěn’trəm) n. One of the two lateral halves of a vertebra.

  • Hemicephalalgia

    hemicephalalgia hem·i·ceph·a·lal·gia (hěm’ē-sěf’ə-lāl’jə, -jē-ə) n. Headache affecting one side of the head, characteristic of migraine. Also called hemicrania.

  • Hemicephalia

    hemicephalia hem·i·ce·pha·li·a (hěm’ē-sə-fā’lē-ə, -fāl’yə) n. Congenital failure of the cerebrum to develop normally, usually with the cerebellum and basal ganglia in rudimentary form.

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