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[hee-muh-gloh-buh-noo r-ee-uh, -nyoo r-, hem-uh-] /ˌhi məˌgloʊ bəˈnʊər i ə, -ˈnyʊər-, ˌhɛm ə-/

noun, Pathology.
the presence of pigment in the urine.

hemoglobinuria he·mo·glo·bi·nu·ri·a (hē’mə-glō’bə-nur’ē-ə, -nyur’-)
The presence of free hemoglobin in the urine.
he’mo·glo’bi·nu’ric adj.


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  • Hemoglobinuric nephrosis

    hemoglobinuric nephrosis n. Acute oliguric renal failure associated with hemoglobinuria, following an incompatible blood transfusion.

  • Hemogram

    [hee-muh-gram, hem-uh-] /ˈhi məˌgræm, ˈhɛm ə-/ noun 1. a graphic record of the cellular elements of the blood. hemogram he·mo·gram (hē’mə-grām’) n. A record of the findings from an examination of the blood, especially with reference to the numbers, proportions, and morphological features of the formed elements.

  • Hemohistioblast

    hemohistioblast he·mo·his·ti·o·blast (hē’mō-hĭs’tē-ə-blāst’) n. A primitive mesenchymal cell believed to be capable of developing into a histiocyte or into any of the various types of blood cells, including monocytes.

  • Hemoid

    [hee-moid] /ˈhi mɔɪd/ adjective 1. resembling blood; hematoid.

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