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[hee-muh-stat-ik, hem-uh-] /ˌhi məˈstæt ɪk, ˌhɛm ə-/

adjective, Medicine/Medical.
arresting hemorrhage, as a drug; styptic.
pertaining to stagnation of the blood.
a hemostatic agent or substance.

hemostatic he·mo·stat·ic (hē’mə-stāt’ĭk)

A hemostatic device or agent.


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  • Hemotherapeutics

    [hee-muh-ther-uh-pyoo-tiks, hem-uh-] /ˌhi məˌθɛr əˈpyu tɪks, ˌhɛm ə-/ noun, (used with a singular verb) Medicine/Medical. 1. .

  • Hemotherapy

    [hee-muh-ther-uh-pee, hem-uh-] /ˌhi məˈθɛr ə pi, ˌhɛm ə-/ noun, Medicine/Medical. 1. by means of blood, serum, or plasma transfusion. hemotherapy he·mo·ther·a·py (hē’mə-thěr’ə-pē) or he·mo·ther·a·peu·tics (-thěr’ə-pyōō’tĭks) n. The treatment of disease by the use of blood or blood derivatives, as in transfusion.

  • Hemothorax

    hemothorax he·mo·tho·rax (hē’mə-thôr’āks’) n. Blood in the pleural cavity.

  • Hemotoxic

    [hee-muh-tok-sin, hem-uh-] /ˌhi məˈtɒk sɪn, ˌhɛm ə-/ noun 1. a , as cobra venom, that causes a hemolytic reaction. hemotoxic he·mo·tox·ic (hē’mə-tŏk’sĭk) or he·ma·to·tox·ic (hē’mə-tō-, hĭ-māt’ə-) adj. hemotoxin he·mo·tox·in (hē’mə-tŏk’sĭn) n. A substance, especially one produced by a bacterium, that destroys red blood cells. Also called hematotoxin.

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