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Beth (Becker) born 1952, U.S. playwright.
William Ernest, 1849–1903, English poet, critic, and editor.
a short- or long-sleeved pullover sport shirt, usually of cotton, with a round neckband and an often covered neckline placket.
Contemporary Examples

Henley, another vaping boite a bit further downtown, is even hipper.
This Is Your E-Cigarette on Drugs Daniel Genis July 27, 2014

At Henley, the other vaporium, the crew lying around on settees and filling the room with fog brought back Dutch flashbacks.
This Is Your E-Cigarette on Drugs Daniel Genis July 27, 2014

Eisenberg and Denholtz reiterated many times that with Henley, they are “starting a culture.”
New York’s Nanny-State E-Cig Ban Olivia Nuzzi December 19, 2013

The city council’s decision to ban the public use of e-cigarettes is highly unlikely to negatively impact Henley.
New York’s Nanny-State E-Cig Ban Olivia Nuzzi December 19, 2013

Today we associate the morning coat with arch-formality, like weddings, state funerals or an afternoon at Ascot or Henley.
Tripping on Obama’s Coattails Patricia J. Williams January 8, 2009

Historical Examples

“She’s willing to do what’s right,” Henley said to Welborne.
Dixie Hart Will N. Harben

The force Henley used with such success was simply his talk.
Nights Elizabeth Robins Pennell

I caught Mrs. Henley’s eyes occasionally straying in that direction uneasily.
Gordon Craig Randall Parrish

Henley was not the sort of man to shirk a fight in the open.
Nights Elizabeth Robins Pennell

“Miss Arkwright says your trees are all one, Mr. Henley,” she began.
Six to Sixteen Juliana Horatia Ewing

town on the Thames in Oxfordshire, site of annual regatta since 1839. The name is Old English hean-leage “(settlement) at or by the high wood.”


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