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  • Hensen

    Hensen Hen·sen (hěn’zən), (Christian Andreas) Viktor. 1835-1924. German physiologist noted for his research in embryology and his studies of the sense organs.

  • Henslowe

    [henz-loh] /ˈhɛnz loʊ/ noun 1. Philip, died 1616, English theater manager. /ˈhɛnzləʊ/ noun 1. Philip. died 1616, English theatre manager, noted also for his diary

  • Henson

    [hen-suh n] /ˈhɛn sən/ noun 1. Jim (James Maury Henson) 1936–90, U.S. puppeteer: creator of the Muppets. 2. Matthew Alexander, 1866–1955, U.S. arctic explorer: accompanied Peary to North Pole 1909.

  • Hent

    [hent] /hɛnt/ verb (used with object), hent, henting. Archaic. 1. to seize. /hɛnt/ verb 1. (transitive) to seize; grasp noun 2. anything that has been grasped, esp by the mind /hɛnt/ verb (transitive) 1. (Southwest English, dialect) to empty: I’ll hent the water out in the garden

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