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[hep-uh-toh-sel-yuh-ler, hi-pat-oh-] /ˌhɛp ə toʊˈsɛl yə lər, hɪˌpæt oʊ-/

pertaining to or affecting liver cells.


Read Also:

  • Hepatocellular carcinoma

    hepatocellular carcinoma hep·a·to·cel·lu·lar carcinoma (hěp’ə-tō-sěl’yə-lər, hĭ-pāt’ō-) n. A carcinoma derived from parenchymal cells of the liver. Also called hepatocarcinoma, malignant hepatoma.

  • Hepatocellular jaundice

    hepatocellular jaundice n. Jaundice caused by injury, inflammation, or liver cell failure.

  • Hepatocholangiojejunostomy

    hepatocholangiojejunostomy hep·a·to·cho·lan·gi·o·je·ju·nos·to·my (hěp’ə-tō-kō-lān’jē-ō-jə-jōō’nŏs’tə-mē, -jē’jōō-) n. Surgical union of the hepatic duct to the jejunum.

  • Hepatocholangiostomy

    hepatocholangiostomy hep·a·to·cho·lan·gi·os·to·my (hěp’ə-tō-kō-lān’jē-ŏs’tə-mē) n. The surgical formation of an opening into the common bile duct to establish drainage.

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