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hepatomalacia hep·a·to·ma·la·ci·a (hěp’ə-tō-mə-lā’shē-ə, -shə)
Softening of the liver.


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  • Hepatomegaly

    [hep-uh-toh-meg-uh-lee, hi-pat-uh-] /ˌhɛp ə toʊˈmɛg ə li, hɪˌpæt ə-/ noun, Pathology. 1. an abnormal enlargement of the liver, usually associated with liver disease or heart failure. /ˌhɛpətəʊˈmɛɡəlɪ/ noun 1. an abnormal enlargement of the liver, caused by congestion, inflammation, or a tumour hepatomegaly hep·a·to·meg·a·ly (hěp’ə-tō-měg’ə-lē, hĭ-pāt’ə-) n. The abnormal enlargement of the liver. Also called […]

  • Hepatomelanosis

    hepatomelanosis hep·a·to·mel·a·no·sis (hěp’ə-tō-měl’ə-nō’sĭs) n. Deep pigmentation of the liver.

  • Hepatomphalocele

    hepatomphalocele hep·a·tom·phal·o·cele (hěp’ə-tŏm-fāl’ə-sēl’, -tŏm’fə-lō-) n. Umbilical hernia with liver involvement.

  • Hepatonephric

    hepatonephric hep·a·to·neph·ric (hěp’ə-tō-něf’rĭk) adj. Relating to the liver and the kidney.

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