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[hept] /hɛpt/

adjective, Informal.
2 .


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  • Hepper

    [hep] /hɛp/ adjective, Older Slang. 1. 4 . /hɛp/ adjective hepper, heppest 1. (slang) an earlier word for hip4 /hɛp/ noun (informal) 1. short for hepatitis “aware, up-to-date,” first recorded 1908 in “Saturday Evening Post,” but said to be underworld slang, of unknown origin. Variously said to have been the name of “a fabulous detective […]

  • Hepsiba

    [hef-zuh-buh, -suh-] /ˈhɛf zə bə, -sə-/ noun 1. the wife of Hezekiah and the mother of Manasseh. II Kings 21:1. 2. a name applied to Jerusalem, possibly as denoting its prophesied restoration to the Jews after the Captivity. Isa. 62:4. Compare (def 1). 3. Also, Hepsiba [hep-suh-buh] /ˈhɛp sə bə/ (Show IPA). a female given […]

  • Hepster

    noun A hep person; hepcat (1930s+ Jive talk)

  • Hept

    1. a combining form meaning “seven,” used in the formation of compound words: heptahedron. combining form 1. seven: heptameter before vowels hept-, word-forming element meaning “seven,” from Greek hepta “seven” (see seven). hepta- or hept- pref.

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