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[hep-tad] /ˈhɛp tæd/

the number seven.
a group of seven.
Chemistry. an element, atom, or group having a valence of seven.
a group or series of seven
the number or sum of seven
an atom or element with a valency of seven


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  • Heptadecanoic acid

    /ˌhɛptəˌdɛkəˈnəʊɪk/ noun 1. a colourless crystalline water-insoluble carboxylic acid used in organic synthesis. Formula: CH3(CH2)15COOH Also called margaric acid

  • Heptagon

    [hep-tuh-gon, -guh n] /ˈhɛp təˌgɒn, -gən/ noun 1. a polygon having seven angles and seven sides. /ˈhɛptəɡən/ noun 1. a polygon having seven sides n. 1560s, from Middle French heptagon, from Greek heptagonon, from hepta “seven” (cognate with Latin septem, Gothic sibun, Old English seofon; see seven) + gonia “angle” (see knee (n.)). Related: Heptagonal. […]

  • Heptagonal

    [hep-tag-uh-nl] /hɛpˈtæg ə nl/ adjective 1. having seven sides or angles.

  • Heptahedron

    [hep-tuh-hee-druh n] /ˌhɛp təˈhi drən/ noun, plural heptahedrons, heptahedra [hep-tuh-hee-druh] /ˌhɛp təˈhi drə/ (Show IPA) 1. a solid figure having seven faces. /ˌhɛptəˈhiːdrən/ noun 1. a solid figure having seven plane faces See also polyhedron

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