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[hep-tam-er-uh s] /hɛpˈtæm ər əs/

consisting of or divided into seven parts.
(esp of plant parts such as petals or sepals) arranged in groups of seven


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  • Heptameter

    [hep-tam-i-ter] /hɛpˈtæm ɪ tər/ noun, Prosody. 1. a verse of seven metrical feet. /hɛpˈtæmɪtə/ noun 1. (prosody) a verse line of seven metrical feet

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    [hep-teyn] /ˈhɛp teɪn/ noun 1. any of nine isomeric hydrocarbons, C 7 H 16 , of the alkane series, some of which are obtained from petroleum: used in fuels as solvents, and as chemical intermediates. /ˈhɛpteɪn/ noun 1. an alkane existing in nine isomeric forms, esp the isomer with a straight chain of carbon atoms […]

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    [hep-tang-gyuh-ler] /hɛpˈtæŋ gyə lər/ adjective 1. having seven angles. /hɛpˈtæŋɡjʊlə/ adjective 1. having seven angles

  • Heptanone

    [hep-tuh-nohn] /ˈhɛp təˌnoʊn/ noun, Chemistry. 1. any of three isomeric ketones, C 11 H 14 O, derived from .

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