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[her-uh l-dree] /ˈhɛr əl dri/

noun, plural heraldries.
the science of armorial bearings.
the art of blazoning armorial bearings, of settling the rights of persons to bear arms or to use certain bearings, of tracing and recording genealogies, of recording honors, and of deciding questions of precedence.
the office or duty of a herald.
a heraldic device, or a collection of such devices.
a coat of arms; armorial bearings.
heraldic symbolism.
heraldic pomp or ceremony:
The coronation was marked by all the magnificence of heraldry.
noun (pl) -ries
the occupation or study concerned with the classification of armorial bearings, the allocation of rights to bear arms, the tracing of genealogies, etc
the duties and pursuit of a herald
armorial bearings, insignia, devices, etc
heraldic symbols or symbolism
the show and ceremony of heraldry

“art of arms and armorial bearings,” late 14c., heraldy, from Old French hiraudie “heralds collectively,” from hiraut (see herald (n.)). The spelling with -r- is attested from 1570s (cf. poetry, pedantry).


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