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Herb gerard

noun (pl) herbs Gerard
another name for goutweed


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  • Herbicide

    [hur-buh-sahyd, ur-] /ˈhɜr bəˌsaɪd, ˈɜr-/ noun 1. a substance or preparation for killing plants, especially weeds. /ˈhɜːbɪˌsaɪd/ noun 1. a chemical that destroys plants, esp one used to control weeds n. 1888, originally a trademark name, from herb + -cide. herbicide (hûr’bĭ-sīd’, ûr’-) A pesticide used to kill weeds. Paraquat is a herbicide. Compare fungicide, […]

  • Herbivore

    [hur-buh-vawr, -vohr] /ˈhɜr bəˌvɔr, -ˌvoʊr/ noun 1. a animal. /ˈhɜːbɪˌvɔː/ noun 1. an animal that feeds on grass and other plants 2. (informal) a liberal, idealistic, or nonmaterialistic person n. 1851, from Modern Latin herbivora (1830) or French herbivore (1748), from Latin herbivorus, from herba “a herb” + vorare “devour, swallow” (see voracity). herbivore (hûr’bə-vôr’, […]

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    [hur-biv-er-uh s, ur-] /hɜrˈbɪv ər əs, ɜr-/ adjective 1. feeding on plants. /hɜːˈbɪvərəs/ adjective 1. (of animals) feeding on grass and other plants 2. (informal) liberal, idealistic, or nonmaterialistic adj. “plant-eating,” 1660s, from Modern Latin herbivorus, from Latin herba “a herb” + vorare “devour, swallow” (see voracity).

  • Herb layer

    noun 1. See layer (sense 2)

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