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one of any of several breeds of dogs used originally for herding livestock, including the Belgian sheepdog, collie, German shepherd, and Old English sheepdog.


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  • Herd-instinct

    noun 1. the impulse or tendency toward clustering or acting in a group, especially the presumed instinct toward or need for gregariousness and conformity. noun 1. (psychol) the inborn tendency to associate with others and follow the group’s behaviour

  • Herdsman

    [hurdz-muh n] /ˈhɜrdz mən/ noun, plural herdsmen. 1. a herder; the keeper of a herd, especially of cattle or sheep. 2. (initial capital letter) Astronomy. the constellation Boötes. /ˈhɜːdzmən/ noun (pl) -men 1. (mainly Brit) a person who breeds, rears, or cares for cattle or (rarely) other livestock in the herd US equivalent herder n. […]

  • Herd tester

    noun 1. (NZ) a technician trained to test the health and production of milk and butterfat of dairy cows

  • Herdwick

    /ˈhɜːdwɪk/ noun 1. a hardy breed of coarse-woolled sheep from NW England

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