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[heer-on, -awn] /hɪərˈɒn, -ˈɔn/



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  • Heresiarch

    [huh-ree-zee-ahrk, -see-, her-uh-see-] /həˈri ziˌɑrk, -si-, ˈhɛr ə si-/ noun 1. a leader in heresy; the leader of a heretical sect. /hɪˈriːzɪˌɑːk/ noun 1. the leader or originator of a heretical movement or sect n. 1620s, from Church Latin haeresiarcha, from Late Greek hairesiarkhes (see heresy + arch-).

  • Heresiography

    [huh-ree-zee-og-ruh-fee, -see-, her-uh-see-] /həˌri ziˈɒg rə fi, -si-, ˌhɛr ə si-/ noun, plural heresiographies. 1. a treatise on .

  • Heresiologist

    [huh-ree-zee-ol-uh-jist, -see-, her-uh-see-] /həˌri ziˈɒl ə dʒɪst, -si-, ˌhɛr ə si-/ noun 1. a person who studies or writes about .

  • Heresthetic

    /ˌhɛrəsˈθɛtɪk/ noun 1. a political strategy by which a person or group sets or manipulates the context and structure of a decision-making process in order to win or be more likely to win

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