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[heer-too] /hɪərˈtu/

to this matter, document, subject, etc.; regarding this point:
attached hereto; agreeable hereto.
an archaic word for hereto (sense 1)
(formal) to this place, thing, matter, document, etc
an obsolete word for hitherto

c.1500, from here + unto.

late 12c., from here + to.


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  • Hereupon

    [heer-uh-pon, -pawn] /ˌhɪər əˈpɒn, -ˈpɔn/ adverb 1. upon or on this. 2. immediately following this. /ˌhɪərəˈpɒn/ adverb 1. following immediately after this; at this stage 2. (formal) upon this thing, point, subject, etc late Old English, from here + upon.

  • Hereward

    /ˈhɛrɪwəd/ noun 1. called Hereward the Wake. 11th-century Anglo-Saxon rebel, who defended the Isle of Ely against William the Conqueror (1070–71): a subject of many legends

  • Herewith

    [heer-with, -with ] /hɪərˈwɪθ, -ˈwɪð/ adverb 1. along with this. 2. by means of this; hereby. /ˌhɪəˈwɪð; -ˈwɪθ/ adverb 1. (formal) together with this: we send you herewith your statement of account 2. a less common word for hereby (sense 1) late Old English herwith; see here + with.

  • Hergesheimer

    [hur-guh s-hahy-mer] /ˈhɜr gəsˌhaɪ mər/ noun 1. Joseph, 1880–1954, U.S. novelist.

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