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Herman hollerith

American inventor who in 1880 created a system of recording and retrieving information on punched cards, an important step in the development of modern computer science. In 1896 he founded his own company, and later merged with two others to form the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) in 1924.

The promulgator of the punched card. Hollerith was born on 1860-02-29 and died on 1929-11-17. He graduated from Columbia University, NewYork, NY, USA. He joined the US Census Bureau as a statistician where he used a punched card device to help analyse the 1880 US census data. This punched card system stored data in 80 columns. This “80-column” concept has carried forward in various forms into modern applications.
In 1896, Hollerith founded the Tabulating Machine Company to exploit his invention and in 1924 his firm became part of IBM. The Hollerith system was used for the 1911 UK census.
A correspondant writes:
Wasn’t Hollerith’s original machine first used for the 1990 US census? And I think I am right in saying that the physical layout was a 20×12 grid of round holes. The one I have seen (picture only, unfortunately, not the real thing) did not use ‘columns’ as such but holes were grouped into irregularly-shaped fields, such that each hole had a more-or-less independent function.


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