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[hur-nee-eyt] /ˈhɜr niˌeɪt/

verb (used without object), herniated, herniating.
to protrude abnormally from an enclosed cavity or from the body so as to constitute a .

1875, from hernia + -ation.

herniate her·ni·ate (hûr’nē-āt’)
v. her·ni·at·ed, her·ni·at·ing, her·ni·ates
To protrude through an abnormal bodily opening.
her’ni·a’tion n.


Read Also:

  • Hernio-

    1. a combining form representing hernia, in compound words: herniotomy. hernio- pref. Hernia: herniology.

  • Hernioid

    hernioid her·ni·oid (hûr’nē-oid’) adj. Resembling a hernia.

  • Hernioplasty

    [hur-nee-uh-plas-tee] /ˈhɜr ni əˌplæs ti/ noun, plural hernioplasties. Surgery. 1. an operation for the repair of a hernia. hernioplasty her·ni·o·plas·ty (hûr’nē-ə-plās’tē) n. Surgical correction of a hernia.

  • Herniorrhaphy

    [hur-nee-awr-uh-fee, -or-] /ˌhɜr niˈɔr ə fi, -ˈɒr-/ noun, plural herniorrhaphies. Surgery. 1. correction of a hernia by a suturing procedure. /ˌhɜːnɪˈɒrəfɪ/ noun (pl) -phies 1. surgical repair of a hernia by means of a suturing operation herniorrhaphy her·ni·or·rha·phy (hûr’nē-ôr’ə-fē) n. Surgical correction of a hernia by suturing.

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