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[huh-roh-dee-uh n] /həˈroʊ di ən/

of or relating to Herod the Great, his family, or its partisans.
a partisan of the house of Herod.
a member of a political group that supported the dynasty of Herod and opposed Jesus.

a Jewish political party who sympathized with (Mark 3:6; 12:13; Matt, 22:16; Luke 20:20) the Herodian rulers in their general policy of government, and in the social customs which they introduced from Rome. They were at one with the Sadducees in holding the duty of submission to Rome, and of supporting the Herods on the throne. (Comp. Mark 8:15; Matt. 16:6.)


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  • Herodias

    [huh-roh-dee-uh s] /həˈroʊ di əs/ noun 1. the second wife of Herod Antipas and the mother of Salome: she told Salome to ask Herod for the head of John the Baptist. /hɛˈrəʊdɪˌæs/ noun 1. ?14 bc–?40 ad, niece and wife of Herod Antipas and mother of Salome, whom she persuaded to ask for the head […]

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    a Christian at Rome whom Paul salutes and calls his “kinsman” (Rom. 16:11).

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  • Herod philip i.

    (Mark 6:17), the son of Herod the Great by Mariamne, the daughter of Simon, the high priest. He is distinguished from another Philip called “the tetrarch.” He lived at Rome as a private person with his wife Herodias and his daughter Salome.

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