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Bernard, 1911–75, U.S. conductor and composer.
Contemporary Examples

His mother and stepfather live less than a mile away from Herrmann’s home in Howard.
Ohio’s Bizarre Kidnap Murder Mystery Mansfield Frazier November 18, 2010

There was a large amount of blood inside the Herrmann residence days later, according to initial police reports.
Ohio’s Bizarre Kidnap Murder Mystery Mansfield Frazier November 18, 2010

Historical Examples

Then Herrmann was rattling the knocker on the huge oaken doors of a two story flat-roofed house that looked a century old.
Behind the Scenes in Warring Germany Edward Lyell Fox

“I think a car full of soldiers for the front was joined on during the night,” observed Herrmann.
Behind the Scenes in Warring Germany Edward Lyell Fox

While two soldiers were loading the luggage, photograph apparatus and all, upon a small truck, Herrmann suddenly plucked my arm.
Behind the Scenes in Warring Germany Edward Lyell Fox

Herrmann had failed to examine his prompt-programme behind the scenes, hence his embarrassing situation.
Magic Ellis Stanyon

Herrmann, like Robert-Houdin, called the trick ethereal suspension.
The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin Harry Houdini

There were sixteen children in the Herrmann family, Carl being the eldest, and Alexander the youngest.
Magic, Stage Illusions and Scientific Diversions Including Trick Photography Albert A. Hopkins

I remember flashing my electric pocket lamp down on the cobbled street, for just an instant, when Herrmann dropped his gloves.
Behind the Scenes in Warring Germany Edward Lyell Fox

Again, in ignoring Herrmann, he proves his narrowness of mind, his utter unwillingness to admit any ability in his rivals.
The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin Harry Houdini


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