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[hur-see, -zee] /ˈhɜr si, -zi/

John Richard, 1914–93, U.S. journalist, novelist, and educator.


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    noun phrase A yellow stripe, worn on a military uniform to indicate units of time spent on overseas service [WWII armed forces; fr a bar of Hershey2 chocolate, some of which have yellow wrappers; probably influenced by the name of General Lewis B Hershey, director of the selective service system from 1941 to 1970]

  • Herskowitz

    [hur-skuh-vits] /ˈhɜr skə vɪts/ noun 1. Melville (Jean) 1895–1963, American anthropologist.

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    [hur-stuh-ree, hurs-tree] /ˈhɜr stə ri, ˈhɜrs tri/ noun, plural herstories. 1. history (used especially in feminist literature and in women’s studies as an alternative form to distinguish or emphasize the particular experience of women). /ˈhɜːstərɪ/ noun 1. history from a female point of view or as it relates to women

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