Alfred Day, 1908–97, U.S. biologist: helped lay the foundation of modern molecular genetics; Nobel Prize in Medicine 1969.
Lewis B(laine) 1893–1977, U.S. Army general: director of the Selective Service System 1941–70.
Milton Snavely
[sneyv-lee] /ˈsneɪv li/ (Show IPA), 1857–1945, U.S. businessman: founder of chocolate manufacturing company.
a town in central Pennsylvania.
Contemporary Examples

The Hershey pitch itself was, to use a modern term, a tipping point.
‘Mad Men’ Creator Matthew Weiner on the Season Finale Jace Lacob June 23, 2013

Put two Hershey Milk Chocolate bars into a bowl and microwave for two minutes on 50% power.
Lights, Camera, Cocktails Brody Brown September 22, 2011

The life of the man she married, Hershey, was threatened, and his business was destroyed.
How One Sex Abuse Case Tore Apart the Williamsburg Hasidim Allison Yarrow August 7, 2013

Historical Examples

She tiptoed into the house, but Flo was awake, propped up in her bed, with a book and a Hershey bar.
Beginners Luck Emily Hahn

Helen winked at me; Miss Hershey would have called it “unmaidenly.”
I Walked in Arden Jack Crawford

Miss Hershey was out at the country club putting the finishing touches to the table.
I Walked in Arden Jack Crawford

Miss Hershey clicked and oozed sympathy from the background.
I Walked in Arden Jack Crawford

Some varieties will crack better with a hammer than with a cracker of the Hershey type with standard anvils.
Northern Nut Growers Association Thirty-Fourth Annual Report 1943 Various

Miss Hershey and the daily Eagle between them—I laughed at the thought.
I Walked in Arden Jack Crawford

Mr. Hershey advised me I would go broke advertising but I wanted to see what would happen.
Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the Twenty-Fourth Annual Meeting Northern Nut Growers Association

Hershey Her·shey (hûr’shē), Alfred Day. Born 1908.

American biologist. He shared a 1969 Nobel Prize for investigating the mechanism of viral infection in living cells.

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