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[het-uh-ron-uh-muh s] /ˌhɛt əˈrɒn ə məs/

subject to or involving different laws.
pertaining to or characterized by .
Biology. subject to different laws of growth or specialization.
subject to an external law, rule, or authority Compare autonomous
(of the parts of an organism) differing in the manner of growth, development, or specialization
(in Kant’s philosophy) directed to an end other than duty for its own sake Compare autonomous (sense 4b)

heteronomous het·er·on·o·mous (hět’ə-rŏn’ə-məs)
Differing in development or manner of specialization.
het’er·on’o·my n.


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    [het-uh-ron-uh-mee] /ˌhɛt əˈrɒn ə mi/ noun 1. the condition of being under the domination of an outside authority, either human or divine. n. 1798, “subjection to the rule of another power,” from hetero- + Greek nomos “law” (see numismatics). Related: Heteronomic; heteronomous.

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    [het-er-uh-nim] /ˈhɛt ər ə nɪm/ noun 1. a word spelled the same as another but having a different sound and meaning, as lead (to conduct) and lead (a metal). /ˈhɛtərəʊˌnɪm/ noun 1. one of two or more words pronounced differently but spelt alike: the two English words spelt “bow” are heteronyms Compare homograph n. “word […]

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    [het-uh-ron-uh-muh s] /ˌhɛt əˈrɒn ə məs/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or characteristic of a heteronym. 2. having different names, as a pair of correlatives: Father and son are heteronymous relatives.

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    heteronymous diplopia het·er·on·y·mous diplopia (hět’ə-rŏn’ə-məs) n. A form of double vision in which the false image is on the same side as the healthy eye. Also called crossed diplopia.

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