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[hek-suh-hahy-drik] /ˌhɛk səˈhaɪ drɪk/

adjective, Chemistry.
(especially of alcohols and phenols) hexahydroxy.


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  • Hexahydroaniline

    [hek-suh-hahy-droh-an-l-ahyn] /ˌhɛk səˌhaɪ droʊˈæn lˌaɪn/ noun, Chemistry. 1. .

  • Hexahydrobenzene

    [hek-suh-hahy-droh-ben-zeen, -ben-zeen] /ˌhɛk səˌhaɪ droʊˈbɛn zin, -bɛnˈzin/ noun, Chemistry. 1. .

  • Hexahydropiridine

    /ˌhɛksəhaɪdrəʊˈpɪrɪˌdiːn/ noun 1. the systematic name for piperidine

  • Hexahydropyrazine

    /ˌhɛksəhaɪdrəʊˈpaɪrəˌziːn/ noun 1. the systematic name for piperazine

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