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swine or strong. (1.) The head of the seventeenth course of the priests (1 Chr. 24:15). (2.) Neh. 10:20, one who sealed Nehemiah’s covenant.


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  • Hezro

    a Carmelite, one of David’s warriors (1 Chr. 11:37).

  • Hezron

    enclosed. (1.) One of the sons of Reuben (Gen. 46:9; Ex. 6:14). (2.) The older of the two sons of Pharez (Gen. 46:12). (3.) A plain in the south of Judah, west of Kadesh-barnea (Josh. 15:3).

  • Hf.

    1. . half

  • Hfc

    1. Hybrid Fiber Coax. 2. hydrofluorocarbon. (1999-11-02) 1. hybrid fiber coaxial 2. hydrofluorocarbon

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